Dr. Zach Miller
Zachary Miller - S1 E9 Bea, Again (1)
Dr. Zach Miller in 'Bea, Again'
Title Doctor (M.D.)
Name Zachary Miller
Nickname Zach
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation ER Surgeon
Affiliation Hope Zion
Spouse(s) Ariel (ex-wife)
Relationships Dawn Bell (girlfriend)
Melanda Tolliver (ex-girlfriend)
Maggie Lin (kissed)
Children Jakob Miller (son)
Oliver Miller (son)
Portrayed by Benjamin Ayres
First Appearances Pilot
Last Appearances Hope Never Dies

Dr. Zach Miller is an ER surgeon at Hope Zion.

He is a divorced doctor with two children.

In season 3x13 , he fears that he has prostate cancer, and confides this information with a dancer before he tells anyone else. He also rejected sexual advances from Melanda his girlfriend at the time.