Dr. Sydney Katz
Title Doctor (M.D.)
Name Sydney Katz
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation OB/GYN
Affiliation Hope Zion
Relationships Hershel (ex-fiancé)
Unnamed ex-girlfriend
Maggie Lin (girlfriend)
Portrayed by Stacey Farber
First Appearances Kiss Me Goodbye
Last Appearances "Leap of Faith"

Dr. Sydney Katz is an obstetrics and gynecology staff member at Hope Zion's.

Summary Edit

She is Maggie's mentor, with a strict demeanor.

She breaks up with her fiancee because she is a lesbian and wishes to live a life honest to that. In episode 3x14 she and Dr. Maggie Lin have sex. Both seem to have romantic feelings for each other though at the end of season 3 they are not in a romantic relationship.

Maggie and Sydney

Sydney is absent for most of season 4, although she returns in a guest role in episode 10 when one of her patients is affected by the bombing. But when she arrives at Hope Zion, she is shocked to see that Maggie has collapsed. Later, Sydney is shown watching Maggie from the window when Alex approaches her. Alex says "You really love her, don't you?". This is the first time anyone has noticed or acknowledged Sydney and Maggie's attraction. Maggie is lying in bed, when Sydney walks in. Maggie is clearly happy to see her. Sydney states her worries, but Maggie says that she's fine now. She later makes a joke about Sydney kissing her. Sydney goes to get Maggie a blanket when Maggie grabs Sydney's hand and asks her to stay. Sydney slowly moves back to Maggie's bedside, and Maggie just smiles and quirks an eyebrow.

Maggie and Sydney Season 4

She returns in season 5 to enter her sister in Maggie's cancer study, but it is revealed that she also came back to be with Maggie. They enter a romantic relationship in S05E10 "Change of Heart". Sydney accepts a job offer in London, telling Maggie not to follow her because Maggie has just been offered her dream job at Hope Zion. Maggie rushes to the airport after work, only to see that Sydney's flight has departed. Sydney did not board the flight after all because she didn't want to leave Maggie behind again. She reads to Maggie the letter she left behind and the two kiss and decide to buy new tickets.

Relationships Edit

Maggie Lin Edit

See main article: Maggie and Sydney

All appearances Edit

Sydney was a main character in season 3, while in season 4 she had only a few appearances, therefore only a recurring character in season 4 and 5.

Season 3

#02 "Kiss Me Goodbye (Part 2)" #09 "The Other Side of Midnight" #15 "Remains of the Day"
#03 "Awakenings" #10 "Days of Heaven" #17 "Fearless"
#07 "The Way We Were" #12 "Hearts of Glass" #18 "All the Pretty Horses"
#08 "The Heartbreak Kid" #14 "Trading Places"

Season 4

#10 "Emotional Rescue"
#12 "All Down the Line"

Season 5

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