Maggie and Sydney
Maggie and sydney
General Information
Nickname(s): Lintz
First Met: Kiss Me Goodbye
Intimacy Level: Kissed

Slept together

Status: Girlfriends
Relation: Romantic

Maggie and Sydney is the romantic relationship between Dr. Maggie Lin and Dr. Sydney Katz. They are portrayed by Julia Taylor Ross and Stacey Farber, who are both starring cast members of Saving Hope.

Summary Edit

Maggie and Sydney first meet in S03E02 "Kiss Me Goodbye".

Season 3 Edit

They had their first kiss in S03E08 "The Heartbreak Kid", when Sydney kissed a surprised Maggie. In S03E14, Maggie learns more of Sydeny's past and religious culture, and during an emotional moment Sydney shares that a Jewish husband that wishes to have sex with his wife will toss a yamaka on the bed to express his desire to have sex. Later, Maggie is seen laying in bed at the on-call room, when Sydney enters and tosses her scrub hat on the bed (relating to the yamaka story), Sydeny tells her that she likes girls and they begin to kiss. The scrub hat toss forshadows them continuing on to have sex.

Season 4 Edit

Sydney returns in S04E10 "Emotional Rescue" to take care of her patient, Shelby. She is present when Maggie is unconscious in the ICU. Sydney visits Maggie and tells her she was worried about her. As she turns to lower the air conditioning, Maggie takes her hand and tells her to stay. In S04E12 "All Down the Line" Sydney reveals she is moving to Israel to be with her girlfriend. Maggie walks her out of the hospital after taking care of their patient. Maggie tells Sydney her girlfriend is a lucky woman, and Sydney replies that Maggie is the only almost she thinks about. Maggie kisses her, telling her she owed her one, and watches Sydney leave.

Season 5 Edit

Sydney returns one year later in S05E09 "All Our Yesterdays" to put her sister in Maggie's cancer study. She tells Maggie after Becca's procedure that she thought about her every day when she was in Israel. Maggie replies that she thought about her too. Sydney kisses her, telling her she wants to know if they can be together.

In S05E10 "Change of Heart" Maggie turns off her phone because she is processing Sydney's confession. They treat a young couple, and while doing so, realize their differences in dealing with issues. However, they both reveal that they would like children. After working together to recover Martha's ashes and urn, they take a walk to discuss their relationship. Maggie tells Sydney that the thought of a relationship with her paralyzes her due to the expectations. Sydney says that although they revealed their differences, she doesn't want to be with her any less, and that she doesn't want an "epic, tortured love affair"; she just wants Maggie. Maggie says okay and they kiss. Maggie and Sydney are then seen cuddling and drinking beer at the funeral "party".