Dr. Maggie Lin
Dr. Maggie Lin in 'Bea, Again'
Title Doctor (M.D.)
Name Margaret Lin
Nickname Maggie
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Attending Surgeon
Affiliation Hope Zion
Relationships Joel Goran (ex-boyfriend; deceased)
Gavin Murphy (ex-boyfriend)
Jason Kalfas (kissed)
Sydney Katz (girlfriend)
Zach Miller (kissed)
Parents Dr Lin (father; deceased)
Unnamed Woman (mother)
Children Unborn baby (with Gavin; miscarriage)
Portrayed by Julia Taylor Ross
First Appearances Pilot

Dr. Maggie Lin, is an OB/GYN attending at Hope Zion Hospital. She attended Harvard Medical School. Her father is a well-known doctor who died of a heart attack.

Summary Edit

She dated Joel for some time then stared dating Gavin and they were going to have a baby but she had a miscarriage towards the end of Season 2, and her and Gavin broke up because she claimed he did not love her the way she wanted him to - he did not love her like Charlie loves Alex.

Relationships Edit

Sydney Katz Edit

See main article: Maggie and Sydney

Maggie has a romantic relationship with Sydney Katz.

Gavin Murphy Edit

Maggie got pregnant with Gavin's baby in season 2, but they had a miscarriage and then ended their relationship.

All appearances Edit

Maggie is a main character.