So recently, in the Saving Hope season 3 finale. Joel Goran was killed. Sad right. As we are all emotionality connected to Joel, this is a massive blow to the community. I would like to clear this up for all the people who somehow have not watched the episode. Dr. Joel Goran was killed by a morter shell. He came to a military base with Zach, to remove a morter shell that had flown into a soldiers pelvis. Upon realizing that the bomb was armed, Joel continuously tried to get Zach away saying "You have sons, they need you". Joel finally got Zach away, using trickery. Halfway to the medical supply house in the base, Zach realized that Joel had tricked him and was intending to pull the bomb out in his absence. He got back just in time to see Joel stumbling out of the tent, with the bomb in his hands. Just before he died, a pure white horse troted in the meddow beside the base. Joel turned to face it, then to face Zach. Just as they exchanged a look, the bomb in Joel's hands exploded. Killing him.

Now comes the speculation.

- Is it Joel's baby? - Will Joel return as a spirit? - What will happen to Maggie? - Did alex pass or fail? - Why did they kill Joel?

What I think (Jbox)

Mother Fucking pricks, what are they thinking killing Joel.

Feel free to comment or edit anything that is incorrect. Please leave my opinion and speculation.

Thanks for reading Yours truly Jbox