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Joel Goran
Dr. Joel Goran in 'The Great Randall'
Title Doctor (MD)
Name Joel Goran
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Occupation Orthopedic Surgeon
Affiliation Hope Zion
Cause of death Died of a bomb explosion
Relationships Alex Reid Deceased (on/off girlfriend
Maggie Lin (ex-girlfriend)
Dana Kinney (slept with)
Sonja (ex-girlfriend)
Selena (slept with)
Parents Burt Goran (father)
Children Luke Harris/Luke Goran (possible son with Alex Reid)
Portrayed by Daniel Gillies
First Appearances Pilot
Last Appearances All the Pretty Horses

Dr. Joel Goran, was the new orthopedic surgeon at Hope Zion. He was promoted to chief of surgery after Dana Kinney didn't apply for a permanent term. However, he stepped down, giving his position to Dawn Bell, after deciding to go to court when a malfunctioning hip piece killed one of his patients.


Medical residency[]

When he was a resident at Harvard, he met Alex Reid that was a medical student there at the time.

Season 1 Joel was a witness to a suicide, got drunk after witnessing it and got into a fight which broke his hand.

After his hand got better he tried to do a surgery but his hand was shaking and he was unable to perform the surgery. He took some time off and went on a road trip with Dana and they slept together.

He was trying to get back together with Alex by getting Charlie to stay away from her because they have broken up. Charlie punched him for saying that.

Season 3[]

Joel is really worried about Alex, who was stabbed with scissors by a confused patient. In the second episode of season 3, Alex is still in a coma, but Joel kisses her and she wakes up. In 3x3, Joel is talking to Alex, who is really appreciative of this, because she can't remember anything and he is the only person who does not talk to her like she has to remember anything. (She had amnesia).

In episode 10, Joel accidentally killed Brian, Selena's husband, who attacked him in his car after he and Selena had just slept together. He was charged with manslaughter. In 3x13 the charges were dropped after a video from the parking lot proves Joel's innocence.

In the last episode he dies by trying to save a patient who had a bomb attached to them.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He's from Indiana
  • He did his medical residency at Harvard
  • He did a fellowship in Mexico City
  • He did a fellowship in microsurgery
  • He has been into refugee camps in Ethiopia
  • He has worked to Toronto General Hospital