Hope Zion Hospital (1)

Hope Zion hospital

Hope Zion HospitalEdit

Chief Surgical Resident:Edit

Dr. Alex Reed (Deceased)

Dr. Tom Reycraft (Fourth Year Surgical Resident)

Dr. Dawn Bell

Dr. Dana Kinney

Orthopedic Surgeon:Edit

Dr. Charlie Harris (Chief of Surgery) (Deceased)

Dr. Joel Goran (Deceased)

Chief of Neurosurgery:Edit

Dr. Shahir Hamza

Chief of Plastic Surgery, Interim Chief of SurgeryEdit

Dr. Dana Kinney

ICU Neurosurgeon:Edit

Dr. Melanda Tolliver

ER Surgeon:Edit

Dr. Zach Miller

Recurring Cardiologist:Edit

Dr. Dawn Bell

Third Year Surgical Resident:Edit

Dr. Maggie Lin

Psychiatry Resident:Edit

Dr. Gavin Murphy

Dr. Dey

OR Nurse:Edit

Victor Reis

ICU Nurse:Edit

Jackson Wade

OB/GYN Resident:Edit

Dr. Sydney Katz

Season 5 Edit

Once the new CEO of Hope Zion arrived at the hospital he fired Dr. Dawn Bell as chief of surgery and appointed Dr. Charlie Harris. He also shut down the trauma center leaving most of the residents stunned.