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Dr. Gavin Murphy
Gavin Murphy - S1 E8 Heartsick (1).jpg
Dr. Gavin Murphy in 'Heartsick'
Title Doctor (PhD)
Name Gavin Murphy
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Psychiatry Resident
Affiliation Hope Zion
Relationships Maggie Lin (ex-girlfriend)
Children Unborn baby (with Maggie; miscarriage)
Portrayed by Kristopher Turner
First Appearances Pilot
Last Appearances Stand By Me

Dr. Gavin Murphy, a psychiatry resident at Hope Zion.

In Season 3 Episode 4, its revealed that Gavin's Mom left him at the age of 7. He left in the same episode to find himself, like his mother did when he was 7. He has not returned to Hope Zion since. Grace