Dr. Dawn Bell
Dawn Bell - S1 E7 Consenting Adults (1)
Dr. Dawn Bell in 'Consenting Adults'
Title Doctor (MD)
Name Dawn Bell
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Cardiologist
Affiliation Hope Zion
Spouse(s) Charlie Harris (ex-husband; deceased)
Relationships Zach Miller (boyfriend)
Lane (ex-boyfriend)

Tom Reycraft (ex-boyfriend)

Portrayed by Michelle Nolden
First Appearances Contact
Last Appearances Hope Never Dies

Dr. Dawn Bell is a cardiologist and the ex-wife of the late, Charlie Harris. Dr. Dawn Bell has a son named Luke Bell who is also a doctor


Dawn and Charlie married several years ago in a large ceremony but divorced at some point. When Charlie fell into a coma, Dawn came to see him and tried to convince Alex to try alternative methods to get him out of the coma such as trans-cranial magnetic stimulation and coma arousal therapy, however, Alex was skeptical of them working. Later Dawn played Charlie's favorite song and massaged him in an attempt to help get him out of the coma, however, she was stopped by Alex.

In season 3, Dr. Bell is treating a patient with a heart condition. The patient has a foster daughter named Giselle who forms an interesting relationship with Dawn. When Giselle's mother's heart transplant is taken by another patient, she dies. Giselle returns later and is found sleeping in the bed her foster mother last slept in. Dawn calls child services to come pick her up after she decides she can't change her life enough for Giselle. While Dawn is cleaning up crumbs in her office, she rethinks her idea and runs out to stop Giselle and the social worker from leaving. She offered to take Giselle for the weekend, the social worker says it may be a week and Dawn says, make the call and takes Giselle home with her.

Dawn was sexually assaulted by her boyfriend Lane. She reported the incident to the police. Lane's girlfriend at the time, resident doctor Asha Mirani, was able to help Dawn's case when she, also filed a report.