Dr. Dana Kinney
Dana Kinney - S1 E5 Out of Sight (2)
Dr. Dana Kinney in 'Out of Sight'
Title Doctor (MD)
Name Dana Kinney
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Chief of Plastic Surgery
Interim Chief of Surgery
Affiliation Hope Zion
Spouse(s) Unnamed ex-husband
Relationships Joel Goran (slept with; deceased)
Children Molly Kinney (daughter)
Portrayed by Wendy Crewson
First Appearances Contact

Dr. Dana Kinney, Chief of Plastic Surgery at Hope Zion, who is appointed Interim Chief of Surgery following Charlie's coma. Her position was later awarded to Joel, and she went on to open her own plastic surgery clinic. She was later tricked by Joel to work for the hospital when he brought her a case of a former slave from Ethopia, with a face paralysis.

In Season 2 Episode 12 she was diagnosed with breast cancer by Alex. She was also operated on by Dr. Alex Reid and Maggie Lin.

In Season 4, her cancer returns and she is to undergo treatment again. When treated she meets a man and decides to go to Paris with him. After she returns she has given up hope, Molly and Alex help her through it.