Chester Mills
Chester Mills - S1 E6 The Great Randall (1)
Chester Mills in 'The Great Randall'


Chester Mills






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Matt Gordon


The Great Randall

Chester Mills, previously known as Mr. Happy, is a patient at Hope-Zion Hospital.


Chester was a saleman, selling cars, however when he was 30 he began to have stomach pains and was tested for a myriad of diseases including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lupus and Crohn's disease but no doctors were able to help him. Five years later he went and saw the The Great Randall who hypnotized him, causing him to lose his memory but also to be able to feel no pain. When he was driving, he was in an accident when he hit a construction truck and had a piece of rebar impaled into his chest between his third and fourth ribs. Chester was taken to Hope-Zion and taken into the OR, where he pulled the rebar out himself and passed out. Crane was called in and un-hypnotized Chester, who began to feel the pain again and begged not to be helped as no other doctors were able to help him. Chester's skin began to bubble up and blister and Reid wanted to test him for Lupus again. Dr. Reid tested Chester's urine for porphyria which was positive and then set him up with a hematologist to help him manage the disease.