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Charlie Harris
Dr. Charlie Harris in 'Contact'
Title Doctor (MD)
Name Charles Harris
Nickname Charlie
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Occupation Orthopedic Surgeon
Chief of Surgery (former)
Affiliation Hope Zion
Cause of death Car Accident
Spouse(s) Alex Reid (wife; deceased)
Dawn Bell (ex-wife)
Relationships Rachel Carter (fling)
Parents John Harris (father; deceased)
Unnamed deceased mother
Children Luke Harris/Luke Goran (possible son with Alex Reid)
Charlotte Harris (daughter)
Family Beth (Aunt)
Mike (Uncle)
Portrayed by Michael Shanks
First Appearances Pilot
Last Appearances Hope Never Dies

Dr. Charles "Charlie" Harris, former orthopedic surgeon and Chief of Surgery at Hope Zion Hospital.

Alex Reid's husband and father of her children.


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At the start of season 1, Charlie and Alex are shown in a taxi on their way to their wedding. They however end up in a car crash, after which Charlie enters a coma and is then able to live in the supernatural realm. He is able to see the living, the dead and those who are in between realms. He helps them to crossover, whether it is to their death or back to life. During his coma he fights pneumonia and other diseases, but he is however, unable to find out why he is not waking up from his surgery.

In Season 1 episode 12, he is given a Hail Mary procedure by Shahir and Alex, which triggers memories about the night of the accident when his parents died. He then comes to realize that he was in the car when they got into the accident. He then wakes up and realize that he can still see the dead. In episode 12 of the same season, Alex suggests that they get married and not wait, but he leaves Alex sitting at the bench.

In Season 2, episode 10 Luke, Alex's brother, dies and Charlie decides to tell Alex that he is able to see people on the other side. She refuses to believe him, gets mad and storms off. In the next episode Charlie breaks up with Alex, after Luke suggests that he is still hanging around because he needs to protect Alex from Charlie. In this same season, he tells Dr. Murphy, the psychiatrist, about his secret and sought treatment.

Charlie became a father to Luke Harris. Shortly after the birth, Charlie got to see Joel Goran (who had died) as he left. When Joel is just about to leave he says "take care of them". Also after the birth, Charlie and Alex get back together. Luke's father is unknown and will continue to be unknown as Charlie has requested that they do not find out because Luke is his son no matter what.

Charlie died in the Series 5 finale after being pronounced brain dead after a car accident.


When Charlie was in a coma, he astral projected so he basically became a ghost; but after he woke up he had the ability to see ghosts/astral projectors.