Cal Lewis
Cal Lewis - S1 E2 Contact (1)
Cal Lewis in 'Contact'


Cal Lewis






Brenda Lewis (Mother) Paul Lewis (Father)

Portrayed by

Jake Goodman



Cal Lewis was a patient at Hope-Zion Hospital and the son of Paul and Brenda Lewis .


Cal had been to Hope-Zion three times in a month with stomach aches and diarrhea and was being treated by Dr. Lisa Rundel, who while using a blood pressure cuff on him was bitten when Cal became angry. Cal was discharged some time later and Dr. Alex Reid talked to him in the atrium where he collapsed and crashed. He was rushed into the E.R. where Alex started to resuscitate him. During this time, Cal looked over and saw Charlie. Cal died and was standing next to Charlie but the doctors began using a defibrillator and revived him. When their fighthis parents were fighting and got more intense, Cal screamed at them to stop, before crashing again. When his heart stopped, Cal, in spirit-form, tried to talk to his parents but they could not hear him. Charlie talked to him about death and asked him about his condition. When Cal started flushing in both spirit-form and in real life, Charlie knew what was wrong with him and simultaneously, Alex knew as well, carcinoid syndrome. During the surgery Cal crashed again and talked to Charlie, who asked Cal to tell Alex that he saw Charlie and that he loved her. Following the surgery, Cal did not remember Charlie but drew a picture of him and gave it to Alex.